John Wick


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I think I found the image used for the Winston criminal record file:
View attachment 1656358 View attachment 1656357

The 1st image was cropped from this photo from the media section:
View attachment 1656359

And because that image has the glare/reflection from the glass, I will replace that photo with the color one (of course made as grayscale) and will also add the missing background.
Always looking for the best way to do the job. You are One of a kind. Thank You.


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Made 2 Continental cards using this image from the media section as reference:
IMG_5279.JPG Continental Plaques 1.png Continental Plaques 2.png

The 1st one is around 230 x 150 mm and the 2nd one is around 265 x 170 mm..

And now the good and the very good news: I found the original image of the Continental Hotel and the one in construction.
The Beaver Building, 1 Wall Street Court, New York City.jpg CONTINENTAL_CONSTRUCTION_5x7-export_001+copy.jpg

The 1st image was slightly retouched for the movie, while the 2nd image was retouched/reworked by William J Hopper who did some artwork for the John Wick francize (link here ==> William J. Hopper | 1717 Graphics).


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Did a bit of magic with Topaz Photo AI on some of the photos:
John & Helen Photo Final.png

And these 3:
Image50.png John & Helen Photo Color Final.png Helen Wick Photo BW Final.png John & Helen Forrest Photo Final.png

At full size these should print as follows: left photo - 238 x 178 mm; center photo - 140 x 105 mm; right photo - 175 x 238 mm.

And the B/W photo from the stash book (full size at 150 x 100 mm):
John & Helen Photo BW Final.png
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Those results are incredible man. Only seen the movies once, but if they are the result you've gotten from that fireplace mantle pics... wow!

I might have to go on a binge watch of the films!


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The 1st image was made from this close-up shot:

The 2nd and 3rd photo were made from the screencap show in the last post; but to be more exact, there were 2 screencaps, as the camera was focusing on each photo:
Image50.png Image51.png

There's a colored version of the middle photo (seen on the nightstand), but it is partially blocked by the alarm clock:
Image43.png Helen Wick Photo Color 2.png

My 1st try to colorize it was a total failure (it was a quick job):
Helen Wick Photo CL.png

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