John Wick

Mr Webber

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Starting with a contribution and request.

Getting a dummy iphone 5 and made this insert with just basic editing.

jwp1.jpgfinal jw phone.jpg

Cant find the frame but did the same thing with this....


If anyone has access to 4K stuff and can do a better job, please post.

Would love to be able to print out a replica of John`s contract. Looks like its on onion skin paper. If someone can make a mock up of the nokia screen as well, it would really be appreciated.

jwp20.jpg jwpp.jpg


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Im currently working on the wick hit contract, the lower portion im trying to recreate but i cant take high def screen grabs from a blu ray on my computer. Anyone able to help out?
Here's what i have so far, top part is pretty much done (except continental logo) but the lower half im trying to improve upon pretty blurry and small screenshots
Any shots would be a great help


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Finished the front of the card john receives with the dog in the first movie, sized at 195mm x 125mm (average card size).
The writing inside isnt seen enough to recreate though. If printing on cardboard, remember to double the height with a blank white space to then fold in half making a card.

card 1.jpg



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There were a few new shots of the jw hit contract in the new film so hopefully once some clearer screenshots come out before or after the DVD I can finish this alot better. A few other cool pieces i spotted to make in the future but no spoiler posts just yet


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Nice! Any chance u could post the file for the text inside the card?
You can find it here. :)