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Looking to put together a John Wick ensemble and was hoping the folks here might be able to point me in the right direction!

I don't have a particular scene I'm going for - just the black suit with the dark/black/charcoal shirt and tie.

I know one of the JW3 suits that went for auction was a Macy's exclusive Calvin Klein suit, but does anyone know if the CK suits were used for all/most of Wick's suits?

Also, based on how many Wick suits went in that auction, does anyone happen to know the brand of shirt, tie, and/or shoes they used for the Wick outfits?

Thanks in advance for any info!



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enterprise0216 is my friend miguel. we are both big john wick fans. the like us is comment is implying there may be other john wick nuts like us. meaning big fans. does that help?


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I did a month research into the different suits worn by Keanu Reeves in all the different movies and well it’s pretty in-dept. For example there is a suit he simply where’s meaning for looks and up lose for the cameras. In action scene same suit or what appears to be the same but designed to take more abuse in fight scenes during hand to hand combat. Basically not every suit is same the depends what the storyline calls for. Appearance wise a suit may look the same, but the fabrication and materials slightly different. Again lots of info out there. Enjoy your search I am sure suit when you have it together will look great!


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Thanks for the inputs! I've read about the different stunt suits and how they were modified for the scene they were doing.

I was more interested in seeing if anyone identified the name brand of suit, shirt, ties, or shoes. I know several suits went for auction via Prop Store, but I haven't seen much in terms of matching them to off-the-shelf pieces.

Thanks again! Will keep digging!



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Hey Sean!

Chiming in here with what info I have. This suit here is from Prop Store's John Wick: Parabellum auction. It is marked as having been used as a stunt suit in the Grand Central Station sequence. Based on the auction there were many suits used, but this would represent the style worn from the end of the desert sequence through the fights in the Continental and the end of the film.

A close-up of the pattern. Shirt, tie, and cat hair are my own:

I'm sure that the "hero" suits are a different story, but I was amused to find out that at least in the case of this stunt, it's basically an off-the rack Calvin Klein:

Happy to answer any more questions or provide any more photos! One other avenue that may be worth pursuing is Ike Behar. For a while after a release of John Wick 3 they offered a "John Wick Collection" of clothing. Suits, shirts, belts, etc... Not exactly replications, more of an "inspired by..." sort of thing. But it could be worth reaching out to see if at any point they had access to originals.

Happy hunting!

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