1. T

    DC Talon Court of Owls

    So I've looked around the internet and haven't found any good Talon suits or cosplays, even though I think the Talons are definitely one of Batman's deadliest enemies and very high up in terms of badassery. This is my very first cosplay or suit of any kind so I Have decided to be the first good...
  2. antarusfree

    NASA ACES suit disconnects

    Hello everyone, I am back! :D After seeing Adam Savage's ACES replica suit, I was blown away. So I started making some parts in 3D as usual. The first thing I wanted to tackle is the glove disconnect ring made by Air-Lock, Inc. Haven't found much info of these rings as I expected. I am working...
  3. zachsbanks547

    Apollo A7L Spacesuit Build

    I’m embarking on making my own Apollo A7L Spacesuit replica. I certainly don’t expect to be up to Mr. Nagata level (it’s a holy grail for me to own one of his replicas someday), but hopefully I can make something reasonably accurate that can be made with what what I have available. I started...
  4. Matchbox's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - Dr Freeman

    Matchbox's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - Dr Freeman

    Gordon Freeman HEV Suit, from the best game of all time! :)
  5. TMNT Raphael turtle costume

    TMNT Raphael turtle costume

    He he is! Raphael by TMNTDB
  6. Cthulhu Costume

    Cthulhu Costume

  7. JoeRanger - Redbull Stratos Suit

    JoeRanger - Redbull Stratos Suit

    Last minute replica of the Felix RedBull suit. Parachute actually has insulated space for 3 rb cans and 3 beers
  8. space suit part

    space suit part

  9. doc's remote control and suit

    doc's remote control and suit

  10. marty's yellow radioactive suit

    marty's yellow radioactive suit

  11. space suit

    space suit