1. I

    The jokers suit chain from the dark knight

    I've been trying to track down the jokers chain in the dark knight. Here's everything I have. Seems to hook up from his suspender to maybe a loop inside his pocket? Or a loop at the bottom of his pocket? Not 100% sure. Its a gold fob chain that reaches close to his knee from his suspenders which...
  2. Rusty 714

    Injustice 2 custom flash cosplay

    Hi everyone. I am going to be cosplaying this custom version of The Flash from Injustice 2 Let's call him Wally West. If all goes well my plan is to make a muscle suit under a tight grey shirt and grey pants. Then I will sew the details on, and put EVA foam pads on the chest, boots, and arms...
  3. M

    Spider-Man No Way Home Final Suit

    Hey Everyone I am the absolute most new born baby when it comes to cosplaying and suit making, I have done so much research but am still a little lost, I am trying to make my own spiderman suit I got a pattern but do not know how to size it and im not sure what to do when it comes to fabric on...
  4. Peter Parke 67


  5. Peter Parke 67

    Need help making a tasm 2 suit replica

    Hi, I am making my very first cosplay so I don't really have any experience at this point. I chose the amazing spider-man 2 suit to make a perfect replica of but I don't know where to start. I've seen a lot of people on the internet attempting to do so but even tho they love it, the suit is...
  6. Peter Parke 67

    How do I learn pattern making?

    I want to make my own spider-man suit pattern but I've never done such a thing before. I am looking any type of tutorial, tips, forum for this type of stuff. Please don't hesitate to mention any kind of resource that might help. Every suggestion is greatly appreciated!
  7. General Grunt

    Original (Parody) Kaiju Suit Help

    I havn't posted here in ages and I aplogize for that. Usually I build puppets (all types, muppet style, latex rubber etc.) but I'm taking on my biggest challenge yet: a Kaiju suit. I've never built one before, though I have a ver general idea of how they're made. 2 reasons I'm building is...
  8. I

    Perfect heaths joker suit replica

    I need help finding the most perfect material for heath ledgers joker suit. I don't know what the most perfect shade or material is. It seems like everyone has a different interpretation. The film plays with lighting a lot and when people take photos of it with flash it shows up more bright then...
  9. masterjedi322

    John Wick ensemble

    Looking to put together a John Wick ensemble and was hoping the folks here might be able to point me in the right direction! I don't have a particular scene I'm going for - just the black suit with the dark/black/charcoal shirt and tie. I know one of the JW3 suits that went for auction was a...
  10. MaxGeek

    Free Spider-Man blank pattern

    Hello I've been searching a free base for making Spider-Man patterns but i didn't succeed So,does somebody here have one that they would agree to share with me ? Thanks in advance for those who'll accept Have a nice day -Your Friendly Neighborhood Max
  11. trammell

    Building a better muscle suit

    I'm starting a Batfleck build and I'm thinking about the muscle suit. I made one a few years ago out of a morphsuit and upholstery foam, it turned out pretty good but it has the same problem as all of the ones I've seen. They're hot, really hot, like wearing a parka on the equator. I want to...
  12. tomekdersuaaron

    Making my own original design spacesuit - Multi-Year Project

    For the past years I've been working on designing and fabricating a spacesuit I’m going to use in a project called the Ceres program. I think I must have read everything on this forum involving spacesuits, starting with Ryan Nagata’s Apollo A7L build, so I must thank you for all your knowledge...
  13. P

    CW the flash suit

    Does anyone know where to buy a relatively cheap and good quality flash suit from?
  14. M

    The Infinity Soldier: Ironman Sleek Style Undersuit

    Hello everyone. After a long time studying and seeing all the great creations on this site, I'm planning out a couple of my own. The first being an undersuit that resembles the RDJ Ironman 3 under armor. Some combination of the two photos I've attached. Was thinking of getting a similar looking...
  15. Lankybean

    Sunshine (2007) spacesuit replica

    Hey all Im looking to build the space suit from Danny Boyle's film from 2007 Sunshine. Its super unique so its probably gunna be a difficult one Its hard finding any reference online for it, i was wondering if anyone has images with better detail or even better some kind of 3d model. Any...
  16. TheRealTalon

    DC Talon Court of Owls Making Of

    (This is my "making of" post, if you want to see my finished pictures, check out my "finished" post: Finished Court of Owls Talon Cosplay ) So I've looked around the internet and haven't found many Talon suits or cosplays, even though I think the court is definitely one of Batman's deadliest...
  17. antarusfree

    NASA ACES suit disconnects

    Hello everyone, I am back! :D After seeing Adam Savage's ACES replica suit, I was blown away. So I started making some parts in 3D as usual. The first thing I wanted to tackle is the glove disconnect ring made by Air-Lock, Inc. Haven't found much info of these rings as I expected. I am working...
  18. zachsbanks547

    Apollo A7L Spacesuit Build

    I’m embarking on making my own Apollo A7L Spacesuit replica. I certainly don’t expect to be up to Mr. Nagata level (it’s a holy grail for me to own one of his replicas someday), but hopefully I can make something reasonably accurate that can be made with what what I have available. I started...
  19. Wreav

    Interesting Post Thread (Reference/Guides/Suits/Movies/Builds)

    Hey guys, I created this thread for the sole purpose of compiling a list of important/interesting threads/picture albums on this forum. This could be very useful to future members who come to the forums and simply want to check out something cool. (This section I have created is for Albums...
  20. A

    Scuba Wet Suit idea......

    Has any one used a scuba wet suit in 1 or 0.5mm thickness as a Pred-Suit? Can be over sprayed for skin effect and may give a rough scale like texture? May be the same thickness as a latex suit.
  21. Matchbox's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - Dr Freeman

    Matchbox's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - Dr Freeman

    Gordon Freeman HEV Suit, from the best game of all time! :)
  22. TMNT Raphael turtle costume

    TMNT Raphael turtle costume

    He he is! Raphael by TMNTDB
  23. Cthulhu Costume

    Cthulhu Costume

  24. JoeRanger - Redbull Stratos Suit

    JoeRanger - Redbull Stratos Suit

    Last minute replica of the Felix RedBull suit. Parachute actually has insulated space for 3 rb cans and 3 beers
  25. space suit part

    space suit part