Limited Run John Wick Coins - Round 5 - starting a new list for Round 5, need 50 coins for a run


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Any chance you have extra coins you are still looking to sell??
Yes, there are some left of the most recent run.

Coins are $15 EACH.
USA shipping is $5 for up to 6 coins. And $8 shipping for above 6 coins.
International shipping for 1-6 coins will be $15.
International shipping for 7-12 coins will be $22
PayPal payment MUST be for "Goods and Services". Anyone using "Friends and Family" will have their money returned and asked to use
"Goods and Services"
Please compute your own totals and send PayPal payment to :
Click on "Add note" and include your RPF name and the number of coins you want.
Not adding a note will delay updating your status.


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Okay, coins will ship tomorrow. I paid today, so you should get an email from PayPal with your tracking number.

There's only about 15 coins left after sending out the latest coins.
Do you have any left, or have they all sold at this point? TIA


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Payment sent for another 4 coins. Thanks for making these. My first order came in weeks ago and they are awesome. Had to order a couple more. Thanks.


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I hear that the coins in the new movie have a different edge?
I believe they've done a few things different. There is a slight impression of an edge design that appears to be present in some pics from the past movies.....however, this was never confirmed, and when I looked into producing a coin with the edge design, it did not appear possible from the coin company. They are not set up to do a random coin edge design. They can print text on the edge for an extra cost, but not just a custom design.


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got my coins today jintosh,look great.should have bought a few more.thank you very much mate.:)