Limited Run JJ Industries: Beskar Staff -Aluminium [WAVE 2 - ANNOUNCED]


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apologies for not sharing the update sooner!

The video above shows what we think is close to our final sample we are tuning in the last items before production go ahead and produce all of the stock, due to the volume we will be shipping the stock via Seafreight as soon as we have a more concrete date once production fully begins we will be in a better position to give a new forecast on delivery

all the best & thanks for the support & Patience :)



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I feel like uniform look across the staff is important to me... that being said polishing aluminum to a mirror shine is actually something I can do without too much effort. (Part of me says this only because I don't wanna wait anymore)

Take your time go for the best finish possible with... I can wait and yes! I absolutely am interested in what you do for a 3D wall mount! This is going criss cross with my Kaizen Darksai v2

I'm all about nickel plating by the way...


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Thanks for the awesome support folks!!

Exciting developments to be discussed tomorrow 6pm UK time feel free to join me!



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Spear looks great! Can't wait to get it! I'm fine sea shipping and July with the quality and cases we are getting.

Can't wait to see the wall mount options!

Again, great work!
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