Limited Run JJ Industries - Beskar Spear (Plastic Con-Safe)


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Good afternoon folks!! after a few months of development, we are on the eve of launching our Plastic Beskar Spear, made of incredibly tough polycarbonate tube & ABS we've re-engineered our design into this new Con-Safe Counterpart
all the detail is maintained from our aluminium edition but with an amazing saving on weight at only 850g (1.87lb) which is almost 2.5x lighter than our aluminium replica (2.2kg) (4.85lb)

as with our aluminium edition, each spear comes with its own nylon transport case so you can get to and from your events while keeping your prop safe & sound)
We will have two variants on offer one painted version painted in automotive grade Silver paint (see photos) and an unpainted option for those who wish to paint their spear along with their beskar armour

Now onto pricing! we have worked tirelessly to engineer the con-safe variant to be economic as possible we have been able to settle at the following prices:

- £110 Unpainted + Shipping
- £135 Painted + Shipping

Shipping is forecast to begin in Early October

This Is The Way!

Pre-order begins tomorrow Join us LIVE at 18:00 BST (13:00 EST) over on JJ Industries for the launch!!

bend test.jpg

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