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  1. RSutter

    Star Wars Mandalorian - Beskar Armor - Chest plate, ab plate & left leg armor

    Hi all, Selling some excess Beskar Mando parts since these don't fit my build anymore sizewise. Up for sale are my HDC Fabrication chest/ab set and left leg armor. Both printed in PETG, beautifully painted with Alumaluster and weathered with oils. Both pieces have sticky side industrial velcro...
  2. RuBBaFishE

    The Mandalorian beskar build

    Hey all. It's my first time posting here, but though it worth sharing my newly completed Din Djarin Mandalorian beskar armor build. This was my COVID quarantine project and it turned out great. Goin into this, I had little experience with sewing, electronics, and designing mechanical...
  3. The Prop Lord

    Graphite Powder Discussion

    I was introduced to the amazing ability that graphite powder has on a slightly tacky yet smooth and glossy surface. Near perfect chrome like finish. I have scoured the internet to see if there are alternative materials that have the same effect. Which not much luck. I have a bunch of different...
  4. Sni9er

    Limited Run JJ Industries: Beskar Staff -Aluminium [WAVE 2 - ANNOUNCED]

    UPDATE NOW LISTED FOR SALE DETAILS ON THE POST LINKED BELOW Direct Purchase Link: - Beskar Spear Aluminium Hey folks! were looking to gather interest on a Run of CNC Aluminium Beskar Staffs they will be...
  5. DavieVader

    Mandalorian Beskar Ingots Castings

    Been working with casting ingots out of pewter. Even did one pure silver one (a whole kilo! $640 worth of silver!) Playing with different techniques for toning to look like damascus. Using liver of sulfur for silver and pewter black for pewter. Still waiting on my custom imperial logo stamp!
  6. Shonuff

    Beskar Ingot Project

    Hey all, I'm starting work on a full on damascus billet for a beskar steel ingot prop. I want to get the measurements for the ingot as close as possible to help inform the metal work stage. Was curious as to what others have come up with. Did a couple test pieces but currently they are...
  7. A

    Beskar Ingot idea

    Hey so I had an idea and am way out of my depth with technical know how, has anyone here had any success layering silver and black cold cast resin to give the appearance of Damascus steel? I’m thinking of making a beskar steel mold and wondering if this would actually work!

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