Jayne's Revolver Buildup

Gordon Gekko

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Ordered my Lemat in January and have been chipping away at it ever since. I am happy to say it's finished (except for paint and new lanyard ring :) )

Removing all the extra metal is not for the faint of heart. I primarily used my dremel with cutting wheel and a bench grinder.

The underbarrel and shroud was made with dowels and pvc pipe, and lasercut plex.

I wanted to have bullets visible in the cylinder, so I made a quick press mold using some .32 cal I had laying around. They fit perfectly. I just cast the tips and glued them inside the cylinder.

Just to keep myself going I did a display plaque.

For the top rail I lasercut and stacked plex and glued it directly to the barrel. The new triggerguard was also laser cut and stacked plex which I then shaped using the ol' dremel. This too was then glued to the body of the gun. Prototype plaque shown in the first two images.

Nice hefty gun when done.

Since one is never enough and I'm not about to remove all that metal again, I made molds in four sections. Here is the first step in the process. Side one of a two part mold using cleanclay.

And the finished product, except for the aforementioned painting.

Hope y'all enjoy.

Gordon Gekko

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Um, you do know you've molded your top rail on back to front?


:lol :lol

Stupid me. At one point, I was pounding on the gun to get it apart and the rail popped off. I can't believe I glued it back on backwards. And then molded it. Bandsaw... You can see on the pics without primer that I actually had it right at one point. :lol


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i dig it man.

even with the wonky site :lol

only thing that could make it better would be if i got a free one, or you make the trigger semi functional. ;)

terrific work.

Gordon Gekko

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Fixed the top rail as well as adding a couple more details.

Remolded the cylinder to make it a little cleaner. Now it fits great and you can spin it.

Remolded the barrel assembly to fix the top rail, added the clip at the bottom as well as the small cylinder on the right side.

All and all, I'm pretty happy with the way the castings turned out. By molding it in the four parts, it stays very true to the metal version. Like Hydin said, a semi-functional trigger would be about the only other thing I would have liked to accomplish with this.

Hope you guys like the pics.


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and kits will be available when?
I second this notion. Great work.. Now I would have to get a Mal gun as well...