JAWS collectors, can you help me find a particular picture?


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This t-shirt has been MIA for 15 years and I just found it at the bottom of our cedar chest. I originally found it in a thrift store 30 years ago in California and being a Jaws fan naturally I bought it. It never had a tag in it so I don't even know what size it is but I only wore it sparingly as I was always going to put it in a Jaws collection. Then to my utter shock I found a pic of Quint actually wearing this shirt! It was some random picture on-line and I THINK he was wearing his green jacket over it but you could clearly see the t-shirt. Obviously he never wore the shirt in the movie but this picture is clearly from either a cut or unused scene. I'd like to find the picture to add to my display but alas, now I can't find it. I am 100 percent sure it exists.
PLEASE, does anyone happen to have access to the pic in question in their collection of Jaws pics?

Jim, you ROCK!!!
Now...where the hell did this shirt come from? :lol

Also, that scene was never in the movie, correct?
That is amazing. Is it possible that it is the very same shirt in the photo or at least one of a small set made for the production and never used?
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