J&E Reproductions Obi Wan Questions


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Anyone know anything about about the J&E Reproductions Obi Wan AFBB?
I need a little help from someone who owns/has owned/or knows something about. :)

I need to know how accurate it is, if it is more or less accurate than Icons and MR? If there are innacuracies, what were they?
Does it have any company stamp or logo on it?
What type of packaging did it come in? Any plaque? Case?
Does this piece have any value?

If anyone knows anything about this saber or even better has pics, Please help me out :) :) :)


I have one. I find it very accurate and comparable to mr's. There is no marking on the saber that I could find, the transistors are machined, everything seems to be very well made. In the dark days before all the parts were id'd, this one was tops. I am very happy with it.

Here are some pics of mine.

I, too, have one. Don't remember getting mine with the transistors installed. Mine just had some screws on there. I have some transistors, but haven't gotten around to installing them.

Very nice prop, especially for one that comes from the pre-MR era. I think I paid around $280 for it. Janice didn't send out cases or any paperwork or plaques. Just the saber.

I also have the J&E ROTJ Luke saber. Still love it. If I remember correctly, it was the very first saber I purchased. Boy, that was quite a long time ago.


Mine had the transistors installed when I bought it. I'm sure they were aftermarket if you bought your's direct. I bought mine previously own.


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I bought my J&E from a member here (whose name escapes me at the moment). Mine had the screws where the transistors should've been. I'm no expert, so I can't vouch for how accurate it is as far as actual dimensions go, but it was close enough for me.

I initially bought it for the purposes of weathering it, but after I received it, it was so pretty that I didn't want to change it. Then a few months later I decided to take the plunge:

Some before & after comparisons:

Here is a another comparison shot showing original vs. current condition; on the bottom is 2 pix (w/ varied lighting) of the original, taken onsite in Tunisia back in 1976, compared with my final project:

And a few more beauty shots 4 coolness: