ISO a vintage laser sword blade / cap replacement

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Does anyone know where I might find a replacement cap for the end? It is the same plastic material as the blade with a flat top. In needs to fit the 1.25” diameter blade/tube. I really want the same cap and not a 3D print.

I would also be open to replacing the blade and end cap with something that would fit in the emitter. I would be open to translucent white or other standard lightsaber colors.


Check the hair products aisle in Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc. Things like mousse and hair spray often have plastic caps that exactly replicate the original blade tips. That's what I've used.

There's a pic in the "My First Lightsaber" thread. It's a little long, but the typical ones are shorter, matching the original version.
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The thing that really pisses me off is that I did not lose the cap as a kid. This was in my parents basement and until a few years ago, the cap was still there. But my parents had to move stuff around and somehow it got lost.

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