Is this even in Star Wars at ALL?

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Wow, I have to say that if this WAS in the movie, then I am dissapointed, for the first time, in Star Wars designs (I can even forgive every alien in every over-populated scene ever). Can someone screen grab this if it's really there?

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Ok, I did a bit of searching, and it seems that they are a really innacurate version of the AT-RT drivers in Episode III.


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Looks like a 501st "urban assault" AT-RT driver. Although I'm not crazy about the stripe placement; I like it overall. The helmet looks a damn sight better than that BARC monstrosity in the movie.

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I don't know about you guys... but he kinda reminds me of a Samuria.
I kinda like it.


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Where did i see that?

Wait starfortress is tryin gto sell them on EBAY.
Isn't that the one that is wanted by FBI??


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Thats kinda looks like the clone heavy gunner from the clone wars cartoon, with a different paint scheme


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I like the looks of it from this angle. Looks a lot better than some of those horrid "costumes" from Sith.


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Vaporware exists only in a picture. It makes you money go up in smoke.

This is from Starfortress. Nuff said. Although, I did look at his stuff on his website the other day, and he has assembled all kinds of clones. None of them are accurate, but nicely done.

Thi sone looks shiney and nice, but it is on a mannequin. What does it wear like on a person.

YES, This is the guy running from the FBI