Is This A Real Matrix Prop or A Replica?


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I came across the following auction on Ebay:

Electronic tracking Worm prop from"The Matrix"!!! Original IT IS A MUST HAVE | eBay

Was just wondering if anyone has any input on the authenticity of the item. The seller claims it's an authentic prop, but looking at the photos, it seems like the copper colored cylindrical thingy at the base of the coil is much narrower in diameter than the ones seen on screen.

It looks more like the one that was posted a while back on the following thread, which was sold by PSOL:

Any ideas?
I would get as many screen caps as I could and compare.

This has been listed on eBay many times now, I see no evidence that it is anything but a replica. No paperwork. Nothing. Plus it's something that there are thousands of replicas of.

If he had anything to back it up, I'm sure somebody would have snapped it up and at a vastly higher price. Maybe the person he bought it from convinced him it's real, but I've never been convinced by it. - just look at all the differences compared to the screencap Sean posted above
Yeah, I've actually tried screen matching the item as well, but none of those that appeared on screen has as narrow a copper cylinder as the one on ebay. So far, seems like it's just a replica.

Alan: Thanks, I've just PMed oldzey.
It looks like a nice replica. Looks like the correct pen lid too. But the brass piece is too narrow.
Yeah that's real the q&a at the bottom. Something about his ex brother in law? It could be real but for something that easily replicated no paperwork pretty much means no real value, or re-sale value after you bought it.
I agree as well but most of that stuff never came with a Coa that walked off the set .
I have seen a few nice things sell on Ebay from The matrix over the years for huge money with no paperwork besides a story. But it is a piece that has been replicated so its a gamble.
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