Michael Murphy's 1st Elstree Studio Screen Prop Styled Graflex IV Vintage Crystal Core Saber Chasis Review!

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Hello fellow collectors, I would like to introduce my newest addition to my collection and my very first crystal chamber:

The Graflex-IV Vintage Crystal Core Saber Chasis, Elstree Studio Screen Prop Styled Hilt Prototype by Michael Murphy!

Although I am sure that you guys have seen countless reviews of work by other masters, I figured the info could be of some use to collectors who are not only interested in Michael Murphy's work, but also to introduce you to his rendition on ANH saber, incoporating recent findings from Elstee Studio Screen Prop!

Being a long time modern & contemporary artwork enthusiast, matters of providence and authenticity by artists/studios have all been crux of my collecting philosophy. Hence, I spent several years collecting only Star Wars licensed products, with belief that no other “fan-made” works can match the finesse and accuracy of the props.

That was until I read about Michael Murphy’s (Yoda) of FX-Sabers work and was introduced to the world of vintage Graflex. It was a momentous event for me, almost akin to Paul having his eyesight restored. Despite owning both MR’s and EFX’s major lightsaber lines in all their glories (signature editions), I realized that my saber collection will never be complete unless I acquire one made by Yoda.

I initially turned to Ebay where Yoda periodically lists auctions, but I lost the auction bid by mere seconds. Having been a FX-Sabers member for years, I reached out to Yoda to see if any additional saber was available for purchase. Understanding how busy he is with countless commissions in line, I did not expect to hear from Yoda, but as luck would have it, I did receive a response back. Yoda graciously guided me through the commission process and here I am, presenting you with my newest treasure!

When I think of lightsaber, ANH saber has the biggest presence for me since it was the first lightsaber that I saw in big screen (A New Hope Special Edition). Furthermore, as luck would have it, new findings from Elstree Studio and recent auction brought new revelation about ANH saber. Seeing how I also owned Folmer with Patent No. Vintage Graflex, I commissioned ANH hilt that captures all the essence of ANH saber with new findings.

Being an enthusiast of artisan works, I also asked Yoda to apply as much “artisan touch” to make the hilt, but without deviating too much from the authentic prop. The additional artisan touch I requested includes additional detailing/weathering looks on both the hilts and chassis, additional drilled Graflex pin that connects to additional pipe in the chamber, and the new d-ring set up. In addition to the aesthetics, Yoda also vented the rivets on the side to help with sound projection when held up close. The images do not do full justice. They are truly the work of art!

As I consider Yoda’s work more as an artwork, I did not place much consideration into the electronic components. As such, I thought I would be completely indifferent when I see the crystal chamber light up. Oh boy…was I wrong. When I ignited the saber, for a brief second, I swear I saw a glimpse of heaven! I now understand why many saber aficionados rave about the Michael Murphy’s crystal chamber; the elegance and stoic simplicity cannot be matched.

The end of Skywalker saga is near and acquiring Yoda’s saber was my way of celebrating my decades of love for Star Wars and a tribute to the end of one saga. When the Rise of Skywalker hits theater, I will most likely commission another one with Episode 9 attributes!


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