Is there a definate guide to fiberglassing?


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I intend to take my first steps into fiberglassing in a couple of months as an upcoming project requires it when current projects have been finished (Kael helmet from Willow :love)

So i was wondering if there is a 'one stop' guide (with pics if possible) that shows you how to do it all, from mold making, to glasscoat, to glassing to trimming etc.


In my opinion, the best place to go for that type of stuff is youtube. There are tons of great walk throughs and tutorials showing every step of the process. I think there's even one on the RPF youtube channel.

I personally think the key is getting the right materials. If you're buying stuff from home depot or the auto parts store, you're just not going to get top notch results. I tend to go with West Systems epoxy with a gelcoat of BJB 1630. Matting or cloth you can buy at home depot, but the materials I go with have very little shrinkage, are really strong, and don't stink to high heaven.

But as for "one stop" guide, I do not know of one. Sorry!
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