Is it wise to even go out?

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I think most of the UK predators here, have encounter problems when going out as a predator on Halloween. And many wishing there blades where real :D (smasher doing a beatdown on a A*sehole while in a pred suit - kudos dude)

I had decided before hand that I WILL not go within town/cities dress up as one (which I think is a wise choice on my part). Only for special events such as charities, office parties, comic cons etc.

I don't know what its like over in the states, but here in the uk it seems that you can get attack for anything!

It's frustrating that this happens - I made something to show off and feel restricted in how I can do this. You daren't go anywhere for fear of getting harrassed! Granted, there are some good people out there who will congratulate you and ask you questions, but there's a constant fear of some idiot trying to destroy your work. I think that most of the UK-based predators will be thinking this way as well. And it's a shame.

Also Just been reading the sun:

It really sickens me, that I now live in a country that acts this way. I was deeply shocked of hearing how this girl was attacked on her wedding day for being different!!!! and of a man's life ending over a witch hat

Sorry for the rant - just needed to get it off my chest o_O

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I had ppl kicking me and tearing my costume this past weekend ( and I live in a fairly non-violent area of Canada). I don't understand it. Maybe because they don't see you as a person when you are in costume, it really is sickening. especially the two stories you just posted


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well i did go out clubbing in my pred suit over the weekend, infact this is the 3rd year running where i have been in a big costume and trouble hasn't been too bad, this year the biggest problem i had was girls trying to lift my mask off, problem was they didn't realise i was stuck in it. i had one dread torn but that was an accident, mask fell off table and a girl went to catch it, she was really sorry and offered to pay, so overall i think it just depends where you live.
i can see myself goin out in big costumes for the next few years atleast

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Over here in the southeast US, I don't go out dressed in costumes. I'll dress up for conventions, or if there is a scheduled charity event where they expect people in costume, but I will not put on one of my costumes for Halloween or just to walk around. And even at events, I ALWAYS have a handler/wrangler or at least someone in a light costume to run interference. People don't realize how much these costumes cost, how difficult it is to see and talk while in it, etc etc. One thing I recommend to everyone is NEVER be the only person in a costume. You're much more likely to run into trouble when you're on your own. If there is a group, people tend to take a better understanding. Alone, and you're a target.



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yep ownage is the word that I would use lol.

edsain -
yes I agree it depends really on where you live and go to. sadly Newport south Wales.... chav center there. Also I had a interesting talk with a couple there who where amazed at my Halloween costume (other half was dress as red riding hood and I was dress as the big bad wolf)

Which I had made a wolf head, and set of hands with claws.

In which I said "you should see my predator suit" after showing them a picture of it they where both saying WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING IT...In which both of them turned to each other and said "oh yeah its Newport.. yeah I wouldn't wear it out here"

Charlie - Agreed - I would never ever wear mine alone would have to be with friends or partner near me to help me if run into trouble, Conventions would be easy as your not the only one in costume!!



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My 25 year old nephew asked me why I didn't make a Pred costume instead of a resin cast statue. Find answer above.
No way I would go near town/city because some arsehole would want to pull on your dreds or worse.
Reading these posts confirms I did the right thing making a statue.


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omg sorry to hear that mate! on a lighter note you don't know who is under a costume
now that is friggin awesome dude! im sorry about the poor guy that died for no reason and the bride obviously, but the fact that those two idiots had "irony" spelled out to them in the best way possible makes my f#&@in day :lol:

buddy if i lived in your country unfortunately id probably have to deal with the same **** just because of how i look even without a costume, but you can bet your ass that many of them would never make it back to their flat that night... i've been dealin with little gangster bitches most of my life, getting messed with for how i look is my life, well, was untill they eventually got the point and nobody even says a word to me... f#&@in little idiots... theyll get whats comin to em. "short man" syndrome, a.k.a small.... male genitalia syndrome, seams to be sweapin our nation as well buddy. bunch a people gettin all mad and stupid because they got cheated out of something in life in stead of changing it or rising above it, they go beat somebody up, yup this land is on it's way down unfortunately... not to say that i don't still love my country, but damn man, come on!!

sorry for whatever crudeness might be in this entry, i know there's a few girls on here and i typically don't talk like that, but this kind of subject infuriates me :lol:

Aquis Hydro

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I know exactly how it feels to kicked to f$%k, and I've never even worn a costume out. Up here in the Rhondda Valleys, there are quiet spots and then there's "Hell-on-Your-Doorstep" spots. Unfortunately, I live in a rough area. And I have Asperger's Syndrome, which is a form of Autism.
I've had part of my garden set on fire, my mother's rabbits slaughtered and laid out in a f$%king hexagram (just for laughs, not for a cult even), members of my family attacked and I've been beaten to unconcious oblivion twice.

All that and much more, just because my Autistic brother and I exist.
And you know what makes me sick the most?

All my family's attackers have been younger than me. And I'm 19.

... and people wonder where my angry streak comes from...

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Makes me sick to hear about this.

I once read an article in some magazine with the statistics on "Less Likely to get harassed in a costume"
and the No 1 was "Authentic Samurai Costume complete with Real Samurai Sword." I'd like those thugs to come harass me in that costume.

Other than conventions I think its time us Predator freaks come equipped with working Wrist Blade Gauntlets with Sharp steel blades.
After the fight and surrounded by dead thugs you can always reply to the officer that "they accidentally ran into my blades"


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The UK is mostly bad after dark -unfortunately that's from about 4.00pm at the moment, I think anyone is making a mistake attracting attention to themselves unless they have good company. I've seen Daleks at indoor events being ridden on etc by children showing off- there's always someone else who wants the attention on them. I did like the cagefighter vid though!


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Unfortunately we live in a socitey where people dont respect others property anymore and alcohol fuels idiocy it seems :rolleyes: I wore my pred costume to a friends halloween party but took it off after a while because it got to much attention from passers by and it was frigging hot lol.


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I think thats going to normality that these ******* Wannabe hip hop Gangster Teens going outside in groups to fighting 5vs1 !!
I hate these Kind of Guy´s, these are BIG LOOSERS in my Eyes !! :rolleyes: And yes i wish some times to break a neck

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swift kinfe

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I'm not going to be wearing my pred for a long while after halloween as the feet got torn apart(Not kidding).It for me depends on where you live.For starters students(See older post) are going to be assholes to you because they couldn't give a rats ass for how much money you put into it.Cosplayers have an idea of how much you spend and they are a lot more carefulat least around me.


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i have encountered many problems in my suit several factors cause this. One HATERS someone jealous of your suit, they are in their blow up "dick" costume and know your ruling it and all the chicks want pics with you. Two alcohol! Some people love the suit get excited alcohol intensifies this so they wanna grab on you poke you ect. then confrontation arises. The dreads we have are a beconing call for people to pull and jerk on, the partying that these adults are doing incapacitates them to be respectful, they think it's "cute" to snatch the Predator's Dreads. "ha ha watch this i'm gonna pull his dreads". As bad as the movie and character Hollywood portrays of the Predator we are defenseless in these suits! Solution, I take an assistant with me usually a big friend he keeps my suit and me adjusted through the night gets me water lights a cig for me at break time coordinates pictures with the fans ect. In turn I buy all his drinks get him in the club and through him a 100.00 bucks at the end of the night. It's worth it. Just put aside some money all year to hire "security" for you it really really helps the night be more fun and keeps people at bay. One Halloween 15 minutes before a contest I got attacked by a girl whom I accidentally knocked a drink out of her hand. She ripped bout 20 dreads out tore the netting and broke some armor straps it all happened in bout 20 seconds before I could try and stop it. She got booted out of the club and I had 10 minutes to fix my suit before the contest. Yes the Predator got his ass kicked by a girl! There was nothing I could do esp since I won't swing on a girl. GET SECURITY!!!

Getal Gratua

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It's sad reading about people harrassing (and killing) other people who look different. I can't say that the situation's any different in Malaysia, but thus far, I have not heard of anybody being killed over a costume - yet. Nonetheless, the idiots here don't need alcohol to get started. They are just the same asses while sober!

I agree with Predatweaker that we need some measure of security when in big costumes that limit our movement. Hell, I even get my helmet knocked on by some asshats when I'm in my Mandalorian suit! These poor bas****s seem to think that there's nobody under the costume, just some "thing" walking around. I second Uratz' idea with the live blades, but that would result in involuntary manslaughter and over here, that means a minimum of 2 years in prison - whether in self-defence or not!

Anyway, I guess the main thing is to be careful and plan our appearances carefully. All of us worked hard and paid much in time and money for our costumes, and people need to realise that... but some just don't. They think that we're just a bunch of weirdos in costumes that they can pick on. I for one will not hesitate to land a punch one one of these idiots if I get the chance.

And my condolences to the family of the deceased and the bride...

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