Iron Man or Iron Patriot, Not Sure Yet...


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I began this build back when Iron Patriot was first introduced in Dark Avengers#1. I've hit loads of snags along the way, had to toss out parts I messed up and redo them. Working on my First Avenger helm has gotten me motivated to work on the armor again. I'm up in the air as to whether I should go with my original plan and make Iron Patriot or if I should just make it another Iron Man. Kinda leaning toward Normie since there's already a bajillion Iron Man's out there.
Here's some more of where it's at. Some portions are rondo, some I used glass on. I prefer the glass now that I have done both. Seems to me that the glass is much more durable than rondo.
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I would like to see some one do an iron patriot because there are so many ironman suits out there but if you are going to do an iron patriot then you should do it in the true iron patriot style with the comic version suit and helmet if you can. That would be awesome! If you cant then Ironman would still be cool.
I have several different files for Iron Man armor. I chose to use the ones I have made up because they're going to be the easiest to modify to achieve the look I'm after. I might just scratch build alot of the armor.
That was my thought too. I have a few friends who had planned to make other Dark Avengers to go along with it but they all kind of lost interest. I still would like to finish this armor eventually.
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