Iron Man Mk. 1 Arc Reactor Build

I built mine yesterday, straight from the box.

I wish I saw your post earlier I would have loved to dye the acrylic ring.

You've made a really cool looking prop !

Thank you! My wife thinks I'm crazy because I have been considering buying a second to build as I feel it would go much faster and the end result would probably be nicer now that I've figured out how and what I would want to do to it.

She's probably right.
That is some outstanding work! I also put my kit together like Helix did, right out of the box with no extra work, but now I kind of want to build a more accurized version too. :D Thanks for documenting your build so well!

Thanks for reading through it! It's a really nice looking build as is. I blame the clear acrylic ring. If it had been greenish I might not have went down the road I did, but I couldn't handle a clear ring, lol.

Awesome build...I’ve been wanting to do one ore two...maybe five of these for a long,long time. Very nice work!

It was a ton of fun, stressful as it was at times. Kind of let me pretend for a minute I was Tony. :p

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