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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by AndreaG, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. AndreaG

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    Hello everybody,
    I'm not too happy about my first attempt. There're lot of issues to be fixed, before I can go on with the body.

    1) finding the correct material is a pain here.... Just a 5mm bubblish foam. Maybe for the torso I'll use a 1cm that seems more solid.

    2) I think fiberglass will let me be far more precise. Maybe I'll try with Bondo (if I just could find something like that!)

    Well, here it is: advices are welcome!

  2. VinnyboyXI

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    Bravissimo! Dove in Italia?
  3. DJDARYO1982

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    Ciao Andrea,

    I'm from Italy too!! I'm starting the same project, with the same mats I think! did you buy them from Decathlon??? You used hot glue or something else?? I started the chest piece with interlocking mats, fom decathlon , 1cm thk and seems to be fine.....
  4. pRoJectEarth7

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    For your first attempt, it sure looks very nice:love:thumbsup... I never imagine a bubblish foam can look great as the way you've made your helm:)...

    Make a warmachine out of this material and it will be a blast... i love the foam texture, it resemble a hammer finish look:love...

    good job... keep it up!:):thumbsup
  5. AndreaG

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    Yes, from Decathlon! I plan to start the chest with the interlocking mats, while for the head I used the thinner mat (for yoga exercise I think...).
    Hot glue does a very good job, but the foam was too thin and difficult to keep in a perfectly rounded shape.

    Btw, I'm from Vercelli.
  6. VinnyboyXI

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    Nice, Im wayyy south from Triggiano, Bari (in Pulgia)...

    For you first attempt on this foam helmet, it came out perfect. Better than mine for sure
  7. indiefilmgeek

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    I'm really impressed! It looks VERY good for the material you're using!

    If you can find a way to seal the foam with something that would result in a smooth finish, then you've got yourself a great helmet! :):thumbsup
  8. SemperBourne

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    wow..This is the best one Ive seen so far..Hard to believe its made out of bubble foam..great job

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