Invective - Destiny Exotic Shotgun


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My favourite weapon of the game, coming along nicely. This is actually an 11 or 12 part 3D print that has been smoothed and primed. Just need to do some finish sanding so I can get it into some rubber. Going to cast it translucent with a cavity on the inside to fit some lights for the inner lighting effect from the in-game weapon. Modelled in 3ds max, using in-game model for proportion reference, and then modelled out in hi res for print and assembly.

JAMESSURFACE - WIN_20150610_220537.JPG JAMESSURFACE - WIN_20150610_220521.JPG JAMESSURFACE - WIN_20150610_220509.JPG

Going to cast in 3 parts

JAMESSURFACE - WIN_20150610_220712.JPG

Aiming to get it lit like this-

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