marvel cinematic universe

  1. Pepperbone

    Marvel's SECRET WARS

    I can't imagine Secret Wars not happening. And hopefully the Russos will drive it. D23 should be interesting this year.
  2. Gojira72

    Moon Knight Fabric

    So the new Moon Knight Costume is a thing of absolute beauty. In my desire to replicate it I have been trying to identify which fabric was used for a majority of the costume. I'm sure that the fabric was probably some highly custom printed fabric that might be a little hard for the public to...
  3. BroThor

    Anyone ever modded Hasbro's Stormbreaker?

    I am curious if anyone has modded Hasbro's Stormbreaker prop. I find it a great prop but what I'm most interested in would be installing an on/off button to control the speaker. Anyone who's played with this knows the sound gets annoying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. M

    Spider-Man No Way Home Final Suit

    Hey Everyone I am the absolute most new born baby when it comes to cosplaying and suit making, I have done so much research but am still a little lost, I am trying to make my own spiderman suit I got a pattern but do not know how to size it and im not sure what to do when it comes to fabric on...
  5. SMP Designs

    Wanda Maximoff WIP (Pic Heavy)

    With the success of WandaVision, it was only a matter of time before a Wanda project kicked off in my little corner of the universe. The starting point for the project was building a bodice mock-up that would fit the client, who was remote. As usual, I began in muslin, sent it off for a...
  6. Jake Kassnoff

    Hydra Stomper Iron Man

  7. Jediguy

    Redwing Drone Replica ( Civil War Version)

    Hey guys, just wanted to share a project we just concluded for a client, B. It's a redwing drone replica based off the Civil War version. Details wise, we went for close enough until B was happy with it. The model was printed at 1:1 size ( basically shoulder width) in durable resin. B was...