Inexpensive Alternative to Alden Indy Boot

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by PantheraGem, Mar 15, 2012.

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    These were brought to attention on Indygear. Mine showed up today. They're very similar to Aldens. Quality isn't the same, but that should be expected for the price. Still, they're very nice boots and the color is actually closer to the Aldens used in "Raiders". They're very stiff, but read that they get comfy after being broken in. I've ordered another pair in fact. Two Aldens, and two of these. I should be set for a while....

    Men's Crosby Moc Toe Lace-Up Boot from Lands' End Canvas

    P.S. Following this link may get you free shipping. It's working for me.
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    Thanks for sharing! Looks like that there are quite many SA Alden look-a-likes out there! I own a pair of Alden 405 which unfortunately do not have the same color as the Raiders one, which kind of bothers me.
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    how do you find the sizing? I am like an 11-12 trying to figure out which size i want to get.

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    Don't bother with these... they do look the part, and I was very hopeful, but after wearing them for mostly desk job duty as far as break-in goes the soles started pulling away from the boot. Frankly my Todd's Costumes Indy boots have held up better.

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