At long last, Indy (My Raiders full gear impression)

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    Second only to my teenage desire to have an MFP uniform (Mad Max) was my desire to have an accurate Indiana Jones outfit. The closest I got back then was a ratty horsehide jacket from Goodwill and a repurposed safari hat I found in my mother's closet. Recently my son discovered Indy and I rediscovered him, and with the help of the folks at IndyGear, eBay, and various vendors, I finally got an outfit together. It only took 30 years. :rolleyes


    The gear:

    Fedora: Garrison Hatters "Raiders"
    Jacket: Wested "Raiders" XL (eBay, naturally distressed)
    Shirt: WPG L/L
    Trousers: Todd’s (need to lose weight and buy bigger waist size)
    Boots: Lands’ End Canvas Crosby moc toe boot (heavily distressed)
    Web belt: Todd’s, with vintage brass buckle (eBay)
    Gun belt/whip holder: Wade Egan "Raiders"
    Holster: Todd’s "Raiders," semi-wet-formed and distressed
    Whip: 10-ft Indy style (12-plait, natural), Wild West Whips
    Bag: Original Mk VII with Todd’s strap and standard buckle
    Gloves: Wells Lamont 0122, distressed
    Gun (not shown): Western Stage Props rubber S&W HE2, a work in progress

    With Todd's 2008 Standard jacket:

    My tiny wife took these pics. How did she manage to make me look so short?

    Big Indy (wearing Akubra Federation Deluxe IV) and Little Indy (wearing Rubies and eBay) at the 30th anniversary screening of Raiders at the Egyptian in Hollywood (the only ones in costume):


    I'd like a better-fitting jacket and maybe someday I'll upgrade to Alden boots and a serious-quality whip, but for now I'm happy. Second childhood FTW!
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    The Indy mystique is one of the main reasons I got into prop and costume work. My Indy gear is used often, in fact I am going on a hike with my cub scout pack today in gear. Love to see the younger generation getting all Indy.


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    You look "Vintage"! :thumbsup

    Better late than never!!!
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    Great outfit! Your boy looks awesome and you look a lot like Bruce Willis.
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    Your costume looks simply stunning, fantastic job. You really look the part.

    I had the same desire with a Darth Vader costume, it's really awesome to see a long-held dream come true.
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    Your outfit looks fantastic! I hit the first three films in costume as well, way back in the day-mucho fun! Indy will always be a favorite:)
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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I've heard "Bruce Willis" a couple of times; unfortunately my dome isn't nearly as perfect as his. Maybe I could pull off a Die Hard 1 look. Gotta work on my smirk.

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