IndustrialAction's Vintage Graflex V - Featuring CF v5.6

IndustrialAction's Vintage Graflex V - Featuring Crystal Focus v5.6

Greetings all! It gives me great pleasure to proudly post the reveal thread for this saber. I commissioned this saber from Ducos Rossis (FX) several months ago when I acquired two vintage Graflex three cell flashes. This is one of them and the other will be revealed in a few months (shhh...that one's a secret!). Many of you have followed our build-log thread here. The saber was originally designed with a Petit Crouton and was actually completed when I lucked out and acquired a few CF v5.6's in one of Erv's releases (THANK YOU ERV'!!). I hate to say it but I asked Ducos to tear the guts apart and re-wire everything with the CF. This is the end result and I could not possibly be happier! The following pictures highlight several exciting features of the build and will be followed-up by some glam shots and a video. Enjoy!

NOTE: Additional photos as well as IndustrialAction blades and soundfonts can be found HERE


Crystal Focus version 5.6
LEDengin 10W RGGB - GB Main (bin 6 blue), RG FoC (orangish, movie accurate IMPO)
Dual, Drilled Crystal Chamber featuring Aqua Aura and Angel Aura Quartz Crystals
Multiple Accent LEDs
Low Battery Indicator
Real Copper Accents & Conduits
CC Greeblies
Slothfurnace Circuit Card
Smooth Mylar (Hero Promo Style...see below)
Rare Channel-up Kobold Placement
Hidden Sound Vents
Graflex Red Button Main & Aux
"Your Father's Lightsaber" Natural Weathering
7/8" IndustrialAction Blade
Graflex Blade Plug
Obi-Shane Custom Stand
Ehwwong Custom Plaque

Ep V Re-Mastered by Novastar
Ep V Ice Planet by Novastar
Rainsizzle by Novastar
Bespin II by Madcow
Clone Wars by Phoenixjedi
Pod Racer by IndustrialAction

Saber Inspired by...

Detail Shots...


Kill Key/Recharge Port

Easy CF Card Access

Real Copper Accents

Low Battery Indicator LED

Lit Dual Quartz Crystals

Additional Accent LEDs


Flash on Clash™



Coming soon...

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