Interest Indiana Jones - False Grail - NEW Revised version

It is for sure a different plate. We’ll try to see last factory (but I’ll assure you this finiture is fantastic in person).
This mean that we have to wait more time for test, so be patient for this.
As I said we spent time, work, money and all thing involved to made test for almost 6 factory and this last one was the one that made the best work. Again, it don’t have justice in pics cause if you have it in hands you’ll love it very much.
But we would try another (LAST) test with another factory. So we’ll choose which one will be better. Stay tuned
Just my opinion, the new finish is NOT as screen accurate as I would like. It looks like one that is currently offered on ETSY that is done on a 3D printer.
Just my opinion, the new finish is NOT as screen accurate as I would like. It looks like one that is currently offered on ETSY that is done on a 3D printer.
Considered the cup like a 3d printed cup is offensive, cause it was created after hundreds hours of work, all HANDMADE.
I know the 3d printed cup you saying and it is a COMPLETE different cup and finish. This is REAL gold, not glass finish but REAL gold finish.
As I said in previous post, we’ll test another factory. We’ll need more time for this
It was just an opinion and not meant to be offensive. There is no question your work is impeccable and your reputation is without question. I only expressed my opinion based on the video posted. I'm sure the final product will be perfect as all your other items.
I am not taking sides here, I think what Indymo is saying is that the FINISH looks like the 3D printed version and not like what we signed up for and is not AS screen accurate as the ones produced before Covid. Of course we ALL know, Sarednob that your work is amazing. HOPEFULLY, we the people that are waiting will get what the others have received for this run. Either way....I'll be happy to have one of your False Grail cups. We've all waited about a year, so to see nice SA shinny cups go out prior to the shutdown....and now seeing one less SA and kinda a matte finish isn't as awesome as we would like.
I think that's what he meant...
Love your work BTW!!
Again, no disrespect at all.
Like Indymo said, perhaps it's just the video.
We all appreciate your hard work and efforts to deliver the best possible prop!!
I know that I do!!
This is a side story, so take it as you will.

A taste test was done on modern ORANGE sodas. A large part of the older group of taste testers picked the orange soda that had an otherwise chemical orange taste to it. They picked it because, back in the day, only fake chemical orange flavored sodas were available. ... And so they picked the one that tasted closest to what they remembered from their YOUTH.

This new finish may be ACCURATE with the real gold in it, but the FAKE finish that looked SHINY and more metallic is more desirable even though it was fake.
In my experience it's always hard to evaluate finishes or colors based on pictures (or video's in this case). You really need to have the item in hand to really evaluate it.

What I also see is that this new finishing is colorwise more gold-like than the old one. This finishing has a warm-yellow goldish tone to it, while the older finishing was more pale-colored. So color-wise, I prefer this one, to be honest.
Here is one from the first batch. I love it. I do like the new finish also. I think with this "shiny" version it's hard to see some of the amazing detail from further away. With the "realistic" gold version in the video, those details are easier to see. It's just personal preference I think. Just my 2¢. Great job on both Sarednab!
I get what you're saying about the details being not as clear. I guess I'm more of a screen version kinda guy. A great piece either way.
Thanks FathomRequiem ! Yes, with the new plating job all details come out 100% perfect and you can see it in every millimeters.
I like the old version too but sincerely I’ll keep for myself the last we did.
Consider that last cup was a “test”, the new one that will come out will be more shine with reflex on cup. Just for example, see this ball, this was made from the same factory. It is more shine than cup and reflect. All other cups will be done like this one, if you agree.
Reflex on it but not “glass” finiture, with all details 100% visible.


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