Indiana Jones Crystal Skull 1:1


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Your 3D drawings look great! I always thought the "brain" looked like wadded up saran wrap.
I can't wait to see how it prints.

Would you consider making the files available? (purchase?) I have a Mono X, and wouldn't mind trying a half scale print.


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I remember seeing a bit of info about why they did that. There was two versions of the skull, One for the actors to carry (saran wrap) And then a "Static"version that was like 50lbs from what i read, might have been exaggerating probably 20lbs. You can see the different skulls swapped out in the scene where they make indy stare into the eyes. May have to see if I can dig up the photo of the two skulls.


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Can't wait to see the finished product. I own the first 1:1 replica made, and have the current 1:1 being made here in queue. Love to see this version.


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Very satisfying watching this thread grow with updates, please keep showing us your awesome progress and seriously consider doing a run for us less talented folks.


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Dude….. I’ve spent so much time in The Book of Boba Fett thread, I’ve ignored all of the AWESOME projects going on around here. This has got to be the best replica of the skull I’ve seen yet!


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Update... very excited! All together for the first time, spent quite a while getting the teeth to sit just right in the top and lower jaws, the angles, position etc. I'm pretty happy now. Forgive the blurred rear part of the skull, it's a mess right now and needs more work before id like to show it. Sorry. I couldn't resist showing the front :)

Holding this thing in your hand, holding it up to the sky like John Hurt does in the film. Feels amazing to hold. Such a tactile prop, love it. So far its going as well as I hoped it would. Onwards!





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