Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade


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here I found yet the digital Grail Diary :)
I've learned that I need to check out all my harddisks for more like this


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Pascal Kurosawa

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here I found yet the digital Grail Diary
You have found there the v1.00 of the story diary, made by Marc Kitter in the year 2003.

If someone is interested: After a good and very long talk with Marc I am working at the moment on v2.0. It still will take some time till finish.

If you can/want not wait so long, here you have v1.12:


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Pascal, I created my diary from Marc's first version, would certainly love to see version 2 when it is available. I am fighting the urge to redo a hand drawn and written diary again, but I think I will eventually give into the urge and make another diary.


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Is the hero endpapers image available to print anywhere? About to do another diary and I cannot locate the image for the endpapers, looks like clouds.


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Awesome, do you have a shot of the dust wrapper wrapped around a book?
this here shows a wrapped sample. It inspired me to re-create one.
The other pictures show my sample I bought several years ago


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Impressive, like the look of that book. Someone should work on a later more modern edition which might have been reprinted at a later date. A small book shelf od books by the Jones boys would look great.


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Impressive, like the look of that book. Someone should work on a later more modern edition which might have been reprinted at a later date. A small book shelf od books by the Jones boys would look great.
Here are my created Books ;)


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Here are my created Books ;)
Two new grail diary items the end page is based on watching the Adam Savage video at prop store about the grail pages it's on youtube and is well worth watching if you've not already, the Italian train ticket which is 100% made up by me based on a 1920's style train ticket is to the place where the Last Supper painting by Da Vinci is located which i think makes a great insert as i'm sure Henry sr would have gone to visit it as Jesus was ment to have used the grail to drink out of at the Last Supper, posted the unaged version so you can age it yourself how you want, I used the classic coffee technique i also used my leather hole punch pliers which makes different size holes to clip out the date on the ticket as it would have being done by the conductor the date you choose is up to you.


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theres the stamp and cancel postmark - got the postcard somewhere as I printed it myself so got to find the files - not where I thought they were - lol

*** edit *** here they are and the text on the back of the card reads :-

Prof H. Jones
25 Pine Road
Fermdale New York

Venezia 18/2/1938

Dear Dr. Jones:

As requested, I have tracked down the columns brought back as spoils of war after the sacking of Byzantium during the Crusades.

You should be able to find references on them to Sir Richard's final resting place at the church of St. Barnaba, now converted to a


Best regards,
Andrea Debattista

P.S. You might also find the stained glass window there interesting to your research.

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana
Piazzetta San Marco n.7
30124 Venezia
thank for insert im searching for my grail diary


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yes I have one of all the pages start a conversation with me and I'll be happy to share them with you
Is this the hero version? Will this offer stand with me as well? I'm going handmake the book and hand write this myself but I'm looking for detailed pages please.
The plan is to use carbon paper with pencil and then go back over in ink. Yes this will take a very long time but when its done it will be worth it.

Thank you


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My first diary in 2008, I wrote and drew everything in pencil, went over it in ink and erased the pencil. Starting another diary now and plan on doing the same, yes it takes a while but the end result is a testament to your hard work and dedication.


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Working on German label to put inside grail diary cover, first draft, thinking of distressing it, using red stamp for number in one corner and maybe switch logo Any suggestions appreciated for improvements, corrections ideas. Maybe a signature line and inked signature. Have to look up German ranks.




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