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    Hey everyone, Unbelieveable site!

    Heres the deal. Ater having stumbled apon your site and then devling into the topic a bit more I decided to give this a go.

    I have built my vacummn forming table and have started to build my oven.
    I took apart a Magic Chef stove/oven and wish to use one of the heating elements from inside the oven for my oven.
    I will of couse want to retain the thermostat and the temprature control dial.

    I've disconected the 4 top burner elements and have the entire wiring harness out and ready to modify.

    My questions are:

    1 - Can I just diconect all of the wires (except those leading to the afformentioned oven/bake element) without rendering this thing inopreable?

    2 - Since I am now only using one heating element and the thermostat, can I set that up to run on 115v?

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work. I will submit images or a video when this is completed.

    Thanks again and be well.
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    I have built 2 of these tables and used old electric heat elements. you might need to put the element on 20 amp wire (12 Gauge) most elements range from 1200 watts to 2300 watts @ 240v that means on a 240v circuit it would pull between 5 amps to 10 amps. If you want to make that 120v your amps will double. So be careful not to over amp you wire and circuit breaker. I found that using a t-stat would cause the element to shut on and off frequently before the plastic was ready to be formed. I Like the idea of a t-stat because it shuts off by itself if I got busy and forgot about it. so what I did was put a timer on it and set it accordingly. I also put high temp fusible links in mine so it would shut all the way off in case of a failure of timer. If you have the wattage of your element you can easily determine the amperage by dividing the watts by the volts you want to use. The last one I built I put on a single pole 30 amp breaker and ran 10 gauge wire to it. I never had a problem. You also need to remember to only use 80% of the breaker and wire capacity ex: 12 gauge wire on a 20 amp breaker gives you 16 amps of usage. I know this is a wordy reply but you only want to build these once and do it right. Goodluck let me know if you have any questions.
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    Unless your rewiring the circuit from the circuit breaker Box to the unit I'd keep it as "factory" as possible to avoid accidentally blowing stuff or frying your houses wiring... just my opinion...

    Jedi Dade

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