Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet Visor


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I've started working on making Daft Punk helmets for my wife and I for a costume contest this Halloween and one thing that keeps coming to mind is how to make the Guy Manuel visor. It seems the most common way is vacuum forming and while I'm not too concerned about the table and frame, I am concerned about the heating. It seems a lot of people use their kitchen oven which seems incredibly unsafe to me. I live in an apartment so I've only got one oven and I'd rather not poison it.

I know XRobots posted a video about making a heating element using a patio heater but that seems out of my budget for this project. I did find this heater and wonder if it would work but don't know for sure:

Wonder a toaster oven could be big enough... Maybe I could get one at Goodwill...

Are there any other ways to go about making the visor or is vacuum forming pretty much the only way to go about it?
I've seen one tutorial someone did where they made Guy Manuel's visor out of a clear plastic bowl to get the curve, but there was a big line visible where he joined the edge of the bowl to the rest of the plastic visor.
I would look at craigslist or Facebook marketplace for anyone selling an old space heater for cheap, or an exceptionally large toaster oven.

The only issue I see happening with the amazon space heater is that the fan would mess with heating up the plastic. If the fan is too strong it could stretch your plastic when heating it up.

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