Imperial Heavy Armor (In need of tips)


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Hello! I'm making my very first cosplay costume and I'm kinda stuck.
I'm making an Imperial Heavy Armor set from Skyrim, and though I'm female I want to make the chest armor flat like the male version (because chest armor formed after your boobs realistically risks cracking your ribs should you fall on your face so nobody ever had those in real life and for good reasons)
I'm not sure how to make this chest armor piece. I'm thinking of making it out of craft foam, but want to make it so the seams wont show but it will still be easy to put on/take off and will look decent enough. If anyone have any tips, tricks and advice I'd be really happy to hear it! I'm open to using other materials but would like it to not be too complicated as it's my first cosplay and I'm not sure I could pull off something too complicated. Thankful for advice!

This is what I use as reference, but again; I want to make the chest armor flat in the front.
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Thanks a lot! Yeah I know it wont turn out perfect the first time around but I still wanna put the effort in and make it look as good as I can :D So far everything else is turning out very well, I'm nearly done with the bottom half of the cosplay. I really want to get the top done too though since it's a pretty important part of the costume haha (unless I just spraypaint a bra silver to look like breastplates but I'm really not considering it even if it's the easy way out)
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