1. Flora Chen

    36 Lessons of Vivec. The Elder Scrolls book replica

    36 Lessons of Vivec. Skyrim style vs TES Online style. Video here -
  2. Flora Chen

    36 Lessons of Vivec. The Elder Scrolls book replica

  3. Scapey

    Unlimited Run Skyrim "Word Wall"; laser-engraved slate plaques.

    For hanging on the wall, or using as a mouse-mat. Hell, buy 500 and tile your bathroom with 'em! I'd LOVE to see that! ;) Fus-Ro-Dah available as standard, but I'm open to any and all requests. You want it, I can zap it! £15 + P&P ( Please note, due to the heavy weight of these, shipping...
  4. Revolver99

    Skyrim Blade of Woe

    Hi All, Here’s my take on the Blade of Woe from Skyrim. This was all done during our first lockdown in Ireland with whatever bits and pieces I had around the place. This is the first stage creating the profile from styrene with cross braces glued in place to give dimension and prevent...
  5. Scapey

    Skyrim "Word wall" laser-engraved slate.

    I guess this is sort of halfway between a replica prop and a replica game-popup LOL Just finished this afternoon, pretty pleased with how it came out :) 300mm x 200mm, laser engraved on real slate.
  6. Fritzy525

    Fallout vs. Skyrim: Which is better?

    Fallout or Skyrim? This question has been raised over and over again by Bethesda fans and still nobody quite knows which is better. What do you guys think? Which is better and why?
  7. halrhyrr

    Build Log - Daedric Armor (Plus spear!) [COMPLETE]

    It's finished! Here's a pic of the finished build, there are more here So this is going to be my first RPF post, first build log, and first costume all in one. At the time of writing I am up to Rondo with my armor but I finally got some spare time so I will be trying to catch this log up to...
  8. ECD

    Skyrim Stone Dragon Priest

    Right, I aways wanted to do a Dragon Priest cosplay, but I wanted it to be just that little diffrent from the rest. So..? I'm gona do some sort of Stone Dragon Priest. I already moddeld the mask, so next up is to print this pupy. If any of you know where I might get my hands on,like the...
  9. Vincent V

    Skyrim Steel Dagger

    I decided to make a steel dagger replica from Skyrim as a Christmas gift for my little sister. Typically I like to make my own models for 3D printing, but due to time constraints I can't take credit for this one (I downloaded it from Thingiverse). After a bunch of rounds of sanding, a few...
  10. C

    Styrene Pepakura Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask

    I was recently asked by a friend to make a Dragon Priest mask for her son for a local Con. I only had about a month from start to finish. Mostly made out of 1mm styrene sheet and painted with Rust-oleum Hammered Copper. For the amount of time I put into iti'm quite happy with the result. For a...
  11. arborealkey

    Skyrim-Stalhrim Battleaxe

    Hello ! I'm moving the part about the prop from my thread about my Deathbrand armor build (you can find it here: Note: my own battleaxe will have a different texture, so it matches my armor's (check the other thread to see what I'm talking...
  12. arborealkey

    [COMPLETE] Skyrim-Deathbrand (Stalhrim) armor

    EDIT: here is the current version of this build, photo by the epic ArtsDream ( Hello everyone ! I originally didn't plan on starting a thread about this armor, but since I took more progress pictures than expected I finally decided to gather all of them in one...
  13. arborealkey

    [COMPLETE] Skyrim-Glass Bow (Foam Build)

    COMPLETE Here is a picture taken by Tenhaku Photographie ( during the glass armor photoshoot. Hello ! Several months after building my glass armor (thread:, I'm finally making a matching glass weapon...
  14. R

    Dark Brotherhood Shroud // Skyrim // HELP!

    Hello! I'm fresh out the womb on the RPF threads, but I am currently about half way done make a dark brotherhood shroud. I've searched everywhere on the interwebs for buttons/rivets to add as all the shiny silver bits on the costume, but I can't find any in enough sizes (I need about 5 sizes)...
  15. Z

    Game of Thrones Shields

    Hey i want to share with you my latest project with you. The first one is a replica of the Shield of the House Mormon which Jon Snow used in the Battle of the Bastards episode. The other is a Skyrim Shield painted with the House Baratheon Banner. This is my first time here and so i wanted to...
  16. H

    Nordic Dagger - Skyrim

    Felt like doing some knives/swords from skyrim, as it has some pretty unique looking weapons in the game. I worked on the Nordic Dagger from the Dragonborn DLC and Mehrune's Razor at the same time, just finished the dagger first (I'll upload Mehrune once I finish painting it, it looks awesome so...
  17. CampbellArmory

    Real metal Skyrim daggers! (Orcish dagger, iron dagger, and Blade of Woe)

    I've been working on a few skyrim weapons lately, and here's the two that I've made so far. They're all completely steel and have real fur and leather for the handles. Tell me what you guys think! Apologies on the photography on the last one, I haven't found the time to take some better...
  18. Dainbramage546

    Skeleton Key - Skyrim

    I've been meaning to put together a build post for this for a while now but kept getting distracted. I never gave back the Skeleton Key and never finished the Thieves Guild. I feel no remorse. Nick modeled up the key a couple years ago but recently added more details to the knob. Here's a...
  19. Dragon Priest Mask Prop

    Dragon Priest Mask Prop

  20. arborealkey

    Skyrim Glass Armor [UPGRADING]

    Good evening everyone ! EDIT: COMPLETE (Started on October 4th, finished on November 12th) (pictures by Lescargotgraphe) EDIT#2 (july 19th 2017): version 2 is coming Glass bow thread: ABOUT THE BUILD I recently decided to build the Glass...
  21. L

    Carved Nordic Armor from Skyrim

    I hate starting threads, becasue introductions are always the most awkward I guess I'll let my work speak for itself. This is a big project, and I'm very happy so far. If you're unfamiliar with the armor, it's from Skyrim, only one of the best games ever! :D It's basically a bear...
  22. ShadowNinja1012

    Sealing: Elmers Glue-All, Modge Podge, Plasti-Dip... or all 3?

    Hello, I have two different queries: first, I have been working on a Daedric sword using EVA foam as the base. I've gotten to the point where I'd like to begin painting it. I used a few coats of spray plasti-dip followed by a coat of automotive filler primer (which I had used before on...
  23. C

    female Nordic carved armor from The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

    New build, new progress. I work on a female version based on the male design of the nordic carved armor from Skyrim. I don't like the original female boobyplate. In my personal opinion a armor breastplate can look female, without focus on boobs ^^.
  24. W

    Skyrim Character (Mage)

    Hi everyone, i just started my newest project which will be my skyrim mage character. I will be making this for the boston comic con this August. Ill be making the novice robes with Iron armor gauntlets and a mace and shield. I have already gotten all the fabric for the robes and the worbla for...
  25. B

    Skyrim Solitude Shield !

    I just finished my solitude shield, its made from walnut and hardboard for the rim, and i hand painted it. Before you knock it please know that im 16 and only have i just started prop making... the shield is a wall piece. Helpful feedback is appreciated :)