I'm sharing - Thin Gelatin Edges & Drying Fake Blood

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I have been trying a lot of experimenting with flat gelatin prosthetic molds and I found what I consider to be a very good way to get thin edges then blend right into the skin. I have tried encapsulating the gelatin with super baldiez and it works pretty good but there is another way that is a lot quicker and I consider to be just as good.

I will start this from already having a flat prosthetic mold. My molds have all been made from hydrocal. I seal them with Smooth-On "Superseal" and use the 205 Ease Release.

Things you will need:

1.) Clear piece of Plexiglass, I've been using a 6" X 6" - 1/4" thick
2.) Heat Press Teflon Sheets
3.) Microwave safe container filled with Witch Hazel

Cut a piece of the teflon sheet a little bit bigger then the plexiglass. Heat up some gelatin in the microwave to fill the mold. It doesn't have to be perfect, but make sure all the detail is filled and there is enough extra that will spread out.

Cover the gelatin with the Teflon sheet (rubbed with Pam) and then place the plexiglass on top and press down a little bit.

Take the mold, Teflon sheet and plexiglass and put it in the microwave.

It doesn't take long depending how much gelatin was used in the mold.

Try under 5 seconds on high then quickly open the microwave door and carefully push down the plexiglass to flatten the gelatin. You can also try using a microwave safe weight. I have been trying out a container I filled with sand so I don't have to push down.

Take it all out of the microwave after a few minutes of cooling. Take off the plexiglass.

You should be able to see through the Teflon sheet were the gelatin is very thin around the edges.

When the gelatin is cool enough slowly peel off the Teflon sheet.

Powder the back of the prosthetic and carefully pull it out from the mold using more powder on the front side.

Now to melt away the edges after the prosthetic is glued down, here is what I have been doing.

Heat up the Witch Hazel until it starts to boil.

Use cotton swabs for ears only which are dipped into the Witch Hazel to melt the edges.

****Warning anything larger then a cotton swab for ears will burn you****

Because the cotton swabs are so small, by the time you start using it with the very hot witch hazel it loses a lot of its heat and doesn't burn. I haven't been burned at all using this method quite a few times. You can melt through the edges this way and smooth them into the skin with a rolling motion away from the prosthetic.

Also if you intend on walking with the hot Witch Hazel or hot Gelatin I suggest always using a cover.

I also have come up with a pretty good drying blood recipe if interested let me know.
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Always interested, mate. Post some pictures too, if you can :)

I can't show a finished prosthetic, the microwave died yesterday but here is a mold with the plexiglass and Teflon sheet.

I also attached a picture of the drying blood and the ingredients to make it.

I compared a drop of this to a drop of real blood and I couldn't tell the difference when they were side by side.

I also can't give exact measurements because it was made by trial and error.

Start off with the clear glue, which should be the washable kind.

Mix a lot of powdered sugar and a small amount of cocoa powder (forgot to put it in the picture) into the 99% alcohol.

Try not to use any water because it will make it harder to dry.

Mix the alcohol, powdered sugar and cocoa mix with the clear glue.

Add some Glycerin - makes it softer when dried.

Add food coloring get the the right shade of red.

Optional: A couple of drops of green food coloring to make the blood darker.

A hair dryer will also help to dry the blood quicker.


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