IM Repulsor Build Wiring G4 LED Question

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DOORMANMATT, Feb 24, 2012.


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    I'm a noob and have a wiring question!

    Do I need a resistor on my G4 LED for my hand Repulsor?

    Are there any wiring threads?

    Many thanks
  2. mracole

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    i don't know if g4 led's are any different than a usual one, but standard and super bright led's on their own tend to be put with 220 ohm resistors, however if you have 3 in series with each other a resistor is not needed

    hope thats some help & good luck, looking forward to seeing some photos
  3. Metalrain647

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    i highly recommend you not wire in series.

    here is my reasoning, wiring leds in a series does not allow full current to reach the leds so the first led is bright but the ones following are subsequently duller. Go with wiring them in parallel. most standard leds even super brights require a forward current of around 3.3 volts, and a draw of 25milliamps, wiring these in parallel will allow you to run them off a 9volt battery, with only 67ohm resistors if your doing 4 in parallel. (one 47 ohm and one 22 ohm soldiered together).

    i had to do major wiring for two costumes in one week, if you need any help let me know.

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    Cheers for the response guys!

    I'll post my progress once my LED's arrive! Lol!

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