Idiot Halo Helmet Question


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I was looking through a Sportsman's guide catalog the other day, and they were selling motorcycle helmets, full face versions with visors for $60. Now, I know almost nothing about it, but I got to thinking, has anyone tried to convert a motorcycle helmet to a Halo MC helmet?

I've seen the Boba Fett batting helmet conversions, and I've seen one that GoldCylon is making [a halo helmet from a batting helmet] but what about building up a cycle helemt instead?

Cheap helmets can be found at flea markets, trade day weekends, and pawn shops.

Thoughts? Obstacles? Issues?


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ive been puttering around this idea for a while, but more along the lines of a DOOM helmet than a halo one (yea, its been a while, pre doom 3 :lol).

havent really come up with a good set of pros/cons other than pro being a good base, and con being "no freaking talent".