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Identifying Briefcase From 2004 Movie Collateral


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Hello Everyone!

New member here and I was lucky enough to discover your website through a gentleman who runs a very well known prop website.

I am trying to identify the brand/manufacturer of briefcase that Tom Cruise used in the 2004 hit Collateral for a client of mine. After extensive searching, I confirmed that the original briefcase which was won in a 2005 auction did not have any labels or tags inside of it. Nor did it look like any tags were cut off which leads me to believe it was a prop made item since they needed at least 5 to get through various scenes... I've contacted wested but they did not make the briefcases for the film.

If anyone is familiar with the case or has any recommendations as to popular prop manufacturing companies to contact it would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks so much!

Here is a link to a few photos of the briefcase:
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