Icons X-Wing "Saggy Wings Fix"?


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I know the eFx is better in most people's eyes but it's getting so difficult to find that I may "settle" for an Icons one. I know it's biggest knock is the wings that start sagging when displayed in attack mode and was wondering if there has been any "fixes" to help prevent or fix this? There being one will be my deciding factor on if I will continue to pursue one.
the way I would do it is apply heat to the wings using a blow dryer or bath in boiling water and sandwich the wing between two pieces of wood cut to size to fit between engine and canon and use clamps that you screw thight, but put something to protect finish tween wood and wing like a piece of fabric ect... I fixed a major bow on my 38 inch star destroyer this way, I completely put the model in a bath tub filled with boiling water and clamped the hull togheter using peices of wood, stayed in the bath for a few minutes then removed the clamps when it cooled down worked like a charm and the hull is over 2 inches thick resin. you can see photos at link below

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