I wIll be Groot ! ........ WIP

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by claymore61, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Howdy guys,
    Been away for a while , working, playing etc.

    Ive decided to build a Groot costume from Guardians of The Galaxy.
    Ive learned a lot from my various other builds such as the Davy jones costume, so now for something more challenging .... and taller.

    Specifications ( as far as I can )

    • As near possible - Screen Accurate.
    • Build from foam and latex .... and other stuff I find lying about.
    • Must be around 7 1/2 feet tall overall
    • built in lights ( as per the film)
    • As much as possible - build from scratch materials
    • sound ( for music and effects)
    • possibly animatronic mouth to smile etc.
    • whatever else I think of during the build.

    Ive already started on the stilts .... so watch this space.

    chip in ideas or just watch on the sidelines, or even just comment if you feel the need.

    BTW - has anybody got refernces or other pix for this big lummox?
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    Looking forward to what you come up with. Im in the middle of my build. Trying to figure out the section between stilts and legs myself. Cheers

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