I see you have constructed a new lightsaber... Your skills are complete.

E Williams

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Hey all.

Just wanted to show off the Luke ROTJ saber that I'm building...


BIG thanks to Darth Saber for making the dimensioned plans- I used a combination of his plans and some MR measurements (mainly for verification) when machining the saber... DS' plans are really great.

It's nearly completed- I still need to:

1) Add a tri-ring
2) Make a new LED plate using smaller screws
3) Paint circuit board lines copper (instead of gold)
4) Repaint the "steel" colored part of the box in a darker grey

Comparisons with the original hero:

I tried to recreate the look of the hero's activator box, particularly the part that holds the circuit board in place. This is a detail that (surprisingly) even MR got wrong. I originally intended to do a "reveal" box, but my machine shop access time was limited.

I know there are a few machining errors (bad tool marks, etc) on it (I'm still fairly new at this) but I think I managed to make it fairly accurate (I did go with constant grip width, though)- So what do you guys think?



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For being "new" at this, I have to say you did an awesome job.. I think you really did capture the essence of the screen used one. You should be very very proud.

Excellent work.


E Williams

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Looking at the side-by-side pics, I can see that I need to pick up the next size smaller angle brass- the size I used seems a bit too wide...


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Sweet. Very nicely done. I used to really like that saber...... than gradually less and less...... but I'm really beginning to like it again. Very nice job. :thumbsup Especially for it being a new skill.



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That's a NICE Hero saber..

The MOM saber is on my "To do list" :rolleyes
All I need is to build the control box & buy the tools to do it.


very nice but i do have to agree with others it does seem to be a little to short and fat. but other then that it is a nice peace i would be honored to have it in my collection.


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thanks for the plans,hopefully if all goes well,next year at school,i will be able to try my hand at this in my machineshop class.