I made a TARDIS... for my cats! (using a CNC


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Hey all, I just recently finished up my cat TARDIS project. It's made out of .5" thick MDF, which was cut out on a CNC. It's all chronicled on my website:


Not a week went by after finishing my project, and before finishing my website, when the other cat TARDIS project became popular online. I haven't talked to Astro-Mark yet, but I consider his TARDIS to be far superior to mine. It's sort of like I built a cat gym that looks like a TARDIS, and he built a TARDIS with a cat gym inside it.

If I decided to make another, I'll probably try to get as accurate as he did! I included a link to a blog post about his TARDIS on my site, in case you haven't seen it. Enjoy!
Omigod, I want!

The gift that keeps giving for a fanatical Who & cat guy like me :love
I reckon that is awesome. I love seeing original ideas. I would buy one it they were on offer, and I don't even like our cats that much.
I am not a Cat person at all, but that totally makes me think that I need to buy a cat so I can buy a Cat Tardis!:love

I think you can build these and make a tardis-load of money.
I am sure many Dr. Who fans are cat lovers as well....?

Well done!

Thanks everyone for the kind words! I love that idea for tiny nurse costumes, Interceptor6! And a hamster-sized version would be great!

I tell you what, when I started this project, I had it in the back of my mind that I'd maybe be able to make a few extra to sell. Well, after the first one got finished, I realized that likely wouldn't be feasible, as it took a LOT of work to get it done. Cutting the parts on the CNC was relatively straightforward, and assembling was a breeze, but painting took forever. It took one coat of Killz primer and three coats of blue to get an even coverage, and then painting the lettering took forever, especially the white sign on the front. I used a 90-degree V-bit to inscribe the lettering into the MDF, but in retrospect I think a screen-printing approach would be easier, much faster, and look better.

Plus, this sucker is heavy, I haven't weighed it but it's probably around 40-50 pounds. There's no way I could ship it, so I'd have to sell locally.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the experience of making it! I think, though, the idea might be more effectively accomplished with fiberglass molds. I don't have any experience with fiberglass, but I've been learning about it over at astromech.net, and it looks like something I might try to get my hands in.

Glad you've all enjoyed my little project! If you see a banner ad on the site, please consider giving it a click or two. The ad revenue helps pay for my web hosting and funds further nerdy projects!
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