I got some new, original C3PO, R2D2 pics...


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We (the company I work for) does Mac support for the American History museum in DC. We're there every week and were informed about a screen used C3PO and R2 they had in the resoration area, that they'll eventually put on permanent display. I was able to secure some behind the scenes, up close pictures of some of the C3PO parts, like the hands, head and black rubber undersuit. The R2 pictures didn't look like anything I hadn't seen before.

I know there are plenty of pictures floating around of both, so I don't know if there is much demand to see this stuff or not. Let me know, so I can prepare and host the pics.

Ok, here we go... sorry for the delay.

First the 800 x 600 versions...

Now the high resolution pictures. These are zipped files, totalling 35.8MB.
Two options for downloading, they are both the same.

Download location one

Download location two


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ive got detailed high-res pics of every SW prop ever...

but you guys wouldnt want them, so im going to bed.


of course EVERY RPF member wants to see them. :unsure

are they worth anything to anyone?

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. ;)


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it's okay.....keep them in the drawer.....what's so interesting with high resolution detailed pics of screen used props? Thought this is a forum for flower lovers. :D
Cmon.....let them go. :cry


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They're coming... gotta hour drive/commute to work, then upload. I'll put them on a few different servers because they all total 36MB.