I found some great Photos of Caps suit while he was visting sick kids


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I was just browsing the internet while listening to a still untitled podcast and came across this album of photos and they happened to mention the RPF so i figured id post this for you guys and gals
1 - LuBcjwj.jpg 2 - j17xsWy.jpg 3 - JKUvVlh.jpg 4 - K1JvOau.jpg 5 - F8FQoID.jpg 6 - Cacg5Vr.jpg 7 - 5fzT7dP.jpg


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This was part of his Superbowl bet with Chris Pratt. Pratt was supposed to visit a Boston children's hospital as Starlord if Boston won (which he did). If Boston lost Evans would visit a Seattle children's hospital. In a moment worthy of Captain America, Evans agreed to visit the Seattle hospital even though Boston won. I don't know if he is just a really nice guy, or just has a really good publicist.. but I was really impressed.


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the costume designer for the film designed her own Fabric when she did TWS. so in the Avengers it was used again in a lighter color. People just have to find "what works" no one will ever find this fabric anywhere.
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