I’m pretty sure I have the shirt Jim Carrey wore in his first TV Special - 'Unnatural Act' 1991


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Bit of a Different/Niche one... But Here is my reasoning.

1 - I’ve got it from a thrift store in Canada| where Unnatural Act was preformed and shot

2 - I’ve been looking for this shirt for well over a decade and haven’t found or seen any like it for sale or sold.

3 - it seems to be the correct size and there are absolutely no differences every color panel, button and detail matches.

But I have absolutely no way of getting it authenticated or even checking if my suspicion is true. Any ideas?

While that would be super cool if it was THE shirt, I don't think it is. Unless there was some kind of detail you could spot in the TV special, like a seam that maybe pillows in a certain way that matches up to yours, or something else small like that, I don't think you'd be able to definitively say its the shirt. I was able to find a photo for a past Poshmark listing for the same shirt on Google.


Either way, its a totally rad vintage shirt!

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