James Comisar auctioning off (the rest of?) his collection

Holy cow. His website has a online book of his collection. Amazing stuff, I just wish he had the book available as a printed version.
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We often say around here "it belongs in a museum", but apparently creating one (that is sustainable) is very, very difficult.
You have no idea how correct you are.
I've seen small museums founded by one person or a group which got closed a d the contents sold off while the principal party's body was still warm after they passed away.
As neat as people like is find the stuff in that collection, how likely would any of us go there if it was far away, or ever go back?
Enjoying all the great pics and vid’s of all this stuff coming to auction lately. I couldn’t afford most of it but at least we are getting some great reference that probably wouldn’t be available otherwise. Also he’s wearing gloves. Smart man.


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