How To Make Clone Wars Jedi Bracers


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Hello, I'm new to cosplay and stuff. Totally no idea on how to make something out of pepakura or anything related to that. I do have experience in working with pvc pipes, though I'm not sure if you can really use pvc pipes for making a jedi general bracer. I'm hoping someone will help me out in here. Thanks very much in advance! A million thanks!

For those who do not know this is a pic of someone who cosplay an Obi Wan Clone Wars outfit.


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Perhaps you could use plastic soda bottles with the top and bottom cut off or something similar and then some primer and paint? To be creative also involves finding solutions sometimes in unusual places or pieces which are in your face all of the time. I have a habit of picking up all kinds of plastic stuff from the streets which someday could function as a greeblie on or inside a lightsaber :)

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