How I made my Jango Fett ammo pouches

Great ty for sharing this information here I also was thinking to do them myself and now it´s no problem. :thumbsup
Now if youre really crafty there is a way to sew the leather so the stitching is not going through the actual thickness of the leather so that the stitch is not present on the outside, only internally.

This approach, and several variations on it, makes the pouches MUCH sturdier than glue (even leather glue), and you can actually put things in them....wallet, keys, pocket knife, whippet canisters etc. Glue is also dependant upon how strong the flesh of the leather is.....ergo, if its not super fiberous, the flesh can pull off and tear, kinda like if you superglued an old guys fingers together and pulled the skin off (warm, happy holiday thoughts no less :p .


This is also a good website to look at.

Remember the stitching you see is seen on the inside, ie not visible from the exterior.

Something to chew on.
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