Question How do you subscribe to threads that you have posted in? (answered)


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i posted a few things but what i really need is someone to show me how to subscribe to the threads i posted in so i can find them later. i am sure its simple just cant seem to get on the right page to make it happen. thanks for some help.


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You can automatically subscribe to every thread that you have posted in.

User CP > Edit Options

Under the "Default Thread Subscription Mode" heading, select from the drop down list the type of email notification that you want to receive. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Changes" button.


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thanks buddy i was just posting then clicking on my name and looking at the recent posts. it worked but this should be better.


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There's also an option in the "thread tools", right above your initial post, (on the same line as the blue bar, to the right)
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