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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Time And Space, Feb 12, 2012.

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    So, it has been completed! What a long journey!





    Rumor has it that the Doctor Who show professionals used foliage (brush and leaves) camo-suits. This would have worked wonderfully, but my local army surplus stores didn't have any in black, and I didn't want to spend time dying one of the suits black. (dying, rinsing, re-dying, re-rinsing, worrying if I had rinsed it enough to where it wouldn't dye my skin, and then hoping that the color doesn't run) .

    I refer to my first attempt prototype as "dumb luck". If I hadn't added on the plaster mix to try to fill in holes and gaps, it might have been decent. I have to give so many thanks to my buddy, Malaki, for doing the majority of the second-attempt mask-forming work, and giving me enough knowledge for painting/sealing, and to be able to tackle the gloves.

    For the cowl piece, I used the same style as the rest of the body (strips of fabric glued), and attached the cowl to the rim of the mask with more of that fancy-schmancy adhesive-backed velcro.

    Materials used:

    Flight suit
    Strips of black fabric
    Hot Glue

    *Mask & Gloves*
    Cybershade paper cut-out template worked great, and was just the right size for my head (small).
    Foam pieces of various thicknesses
    Lots of razor blades
    Barges Cement (contact adhesive, yellow and red can)
    Scrapbooking brads for the rivets
    Spray Plasti-Dip (colored, so you can better determine when it dries)
    Design Master Bronze Paint
    Generic Copper Paint for a light topcoat
    Design Master Clear Gloss Super Sealer
    Sheer Black Fabric to cover the inside eyes and mouth.
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    Hey nice build dude, and good use of every day materials to.:thumbsup
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    Never "got" this monster , but you have made me very envious to make one ! Nice job ...
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    The army suit you're referring to in your post Time and Space is called a Ghillie Suit.. you can pick them up for pennies on eBay if you know what you're looking for, but do be aware that you need to purchase one that's got THICK coverage.. the thin coverage versions you can see the suit under the foliage.

    As for dying the suits, with black it's very easy to do.. just remember to use Dylon Velvet Black that you can use in your washing machine without effecting the machine or any washes after. The Ghillie suit is fairly dry material so it will soak up all that lovely black dye and be a CyberShade in no time. You might need to run the whole suit through maybe twice, three times if you're unlucky or don't like the shade of black.

    Here's a link to a kids version: KIDS/CHILDRENS GHILLIE SUIT 3D BODY CAMO ARMY CADET NEW | eBay
    Here's a link to an adult size: Ghillie Suit Woodland Camo - XL/XXL | eBay
    Here's a link to the fabric dye: Dylon Machine Fabric Dye - Choice of Colours - Crafts - Minerva_Website - Minerva Crafts
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    Awesome build! I love it :D.
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    What did you use for the "ears"? I was thinking of using PVC pipe. I would also like to get my hands on the patterns you used for the gloves and head.

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