Hogwart's School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Acceptance Letters


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Here is my version of the Hogwart's Acceptance Letters. I would just like some feedback on what you think about them.

Keep in mind that they were never supposed to be exact replicas, I stayed up all night making one for my little brother's birthday last year, and have been making them ever since!!

The original envelope I made for him was the "lightning bolt" one and then I decided I wanted to make a more authentic version.

I also use red sealing wax to seal the envelopes, and stamp with an "H" for Hogwarts.

Hi!...These look pretty neat to me. I like the burning around the edges but maybe just a little less 'large' tears/holes/voids? :wacko And not so close to the lettering. I'm no expert that is for sure. I really like them though. I bet your brother was thrilled with the outcome!! -Newbie Saskabush1
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