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After going through so many issues with this costume, my Hit-Girl costume is FINALLY completed. (Aside from the every-continuing tweaks I'll no doubt do to it!)

When I first saw Kick-Ass, I was instantly enamored with Hit-Girl and just knew I had to do this costume. I've never felt so passionate about a costume in my 8 years of cosplaying.

When I first had the costume commissioned it was a total flop aside from a few pieces. The material was all wrong on the bodysuit, it was hot as hell to wear, and the cape choked me so bad I was convinced it was an assassination attempt from the commissioner. What I WAS able to keep was the cape, belt, and mask. The bodysuit was a bust. After only getting to wear the costume once to a convention, I put it in the closet until I could get a new bodysuit remade. So I waited. And I waited two years.

At the beginning of 2013 I had my chance. Believe it or not it turns out I didn't need to seek a professional commissioner to re-do the bodysuit. Freakishly enough a run-of-the-mill cosplay website was selling the costume with the closest damn thing you'll ever get to screen-accurate material. How odd is that. Seriously. Going against everything I knew about these websites, I ordered their costume set and expected the worst.

What I got by far exceeded my expectations. Naturally the belt, pleather "tac" set, cape, mask, and gloves were terrible. But all I needed was the bodysuit anyways, so I was alright with that. From the photos on their website I knew these parts of the costume were going to be sub-par at best. All that aside, the bodysuit fit perfectly. I couldn't believe it. It fit perfect and looked incredible. Always pay extra for custom measurements. Always. The hardest part was DONE!

With the new bodysuit I made some sacrifices in accuracy. My previous suit had more accurate stitching detail and knee/elbow pads. However I just couldn't get over the terrible fabric choice (It even made an awkward swishing sound when I walked. No sneaking up on criminals in that material for sure.). So I decided that even with the accuracy lacking in those areas, I'd be overall much happier with the new bodysuit. And that's really all that matters! I'd love to be able to transplant the pads from my old suit onto the new one, but given the fabric type and size differences in the old and new pads, it just couldn't happen. Maybe someday I could have some new pads made specifically for the suit. Who knows!

The cape was also modified to snap at the base of the jacket collar so the pressure would be off my neck. Breathing is fantastic guys.

Add the new bodysuit with the belt, cape, mask, leather gloves I already had, and the kilt my good friend made me, I finally had the costume I envisioned. It's still hot to wear, but nowhere near how hot it was to wear previously.

Special thanks:

- Charna, my official Costume Consultant, for being such an amazing help overall and for putting up with my endless questions and concerns on how to make things work. Made the kilt, kept me sane, and helped me figure out the cape attachment.
- Sees, for being my official Wig Beautifier, and for being the only person capable of taming the impossible snaps on my belt. (That last one's a real b*tch.)
- JailBreak/Jason DeSomer Photography for some amazing photos. (Website)
- Fearless Photoworks for some amazing photos as well! And for being such an all-around ballin' lady. (Website)
- Forum member replicaprops for helping me find an awesome Benchmade 42 replica!
- The RPF for helping me with some of the details, and for pushing me to do my best! If it weren't for you guys this costume wouldn't be what it is! Thank you!

Costume specs, weaponry:

Tac set:

- 2 Bianchi UM84 holsters (same model as movie)
- Smith & Wesson knife sheath (same model as movie)
- Bianchi duty belt
- Belt keepers
- "Smoke grenade" with movie-accurate font.
- Duty suspenders
- 2 plastic knuckle dusters (functional)


(The knife sheath is was NOT taped down when these photos were taken.)






- 1 HK USP compact airsoft look-alike with light system
- 1 SIG-Sauer P232 airsoft look-alike





- Replica Benchmade 42.
- Blade is dulled so I can take it to conventions and not slice my fingers off.
(Blade is not dulled in photo.)



Mindy Stick:

- Plywood, PVC pipe, spray paint.
- Can be pulled apart and put together as in the movie. Can also be clipped in front to so I can carry it on my back.

(Photos coming soon!!)

Costume specs, misc:


- Pink PVC material
- Fully functional pockets
- Custom-made "HG" buckle.

(Photos coming soon!!)


- Military combat boots.
- Steel toe


Costume photos:








Not bad for being double Hit-Girl's age in the first movie. ;)








My cosplay page: https://www.facebook.com/hypershadowcosplay


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Well done, I like your grenade. :)

Thank you so much!! It's actually an Easter egg LOL! Somebody on here actually gave me the idea and it ended up working out great!

You look great! Why haven't you chosen the avatar name Hit Girl? Now go and bust some evil-doers! :thumbsup

Thank you so much!! :D Awwwww, I don't think I can change my username now, but if there was an option to add some text below usernames I'd be all over that.

Everyone needs a good Kick-Ass.......ing. :D Great job!

Hahahahaha!!!! Thank you so much!! :thumbsup

Wow that is a fantastic costume. you hit the nail on the head perfectly!

Gosh thank you!!!!!! <3 I wanted to try my best!


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I think you look like Hit Girl! Well done!

Thank you so much!!!! <3

Thanks to forum member replicaprops I have a new Benchmade 42 replica on the way!! I didn't even know they made replicas of it! It was $18. Incredible. There's just no way I'd have the heart to dull a knife worth $400, so this is an awesome alternative. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup


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That is really sweet! :thumbsup Did you make the jacket and pants? I'd love to upgrade my daughters costume this year


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That is really sweet! :thumbsup Did you make the jacket and pants? I'd love to upgrade my daughters costume this year

Thank you so much! I had both the jacket and pants made, but you can order it from the same place I got mine. I'll message you the link!


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This is great looking stuff!
Love your breakdown of the costuming trials and tribulations, you capture the essence of the costuming "mantra", good job!!!


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This is great looking stuff!
Love your breakdown of the costuming trials and tribulations, you capture the essence of the costuming "mantra", good job!!!

Thank you so much!!! Nothing ever turns out perfect the first time in this crazy hobby! Though it would be great if it did. Sure would save a lot of time, money, and headaches!

I looove it! It's perfect!

Ahhhhhhhh! Thank you so much!!!! :D

What did you use as the base for the Smoke Grenade? It almost looks like a giant Easter Egg.
I love this! :)

Thank you!!!! That's exactly what it is LOL! In the movie it looked like an egg, so... why not just... use an egg? Right? Sure.


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HAHA Excellent!!! Well you could hardly tell at first glance unless you are searching for ways to remake it then that's how I thought egg. lol
Job well done! :)
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